Two or Three Things

is a game in which the players meet and get to know two or three things about each-other.



Toys & Traces

Toys look forward, they want to play: stick, ball (stone), rope and bag are among the most basic things used as toys

Traces point backwards in time, they register a past event: a hairy hair clip, a chewing gum stuck under the desk, a stone smoothened by steps

Process of lying

Process of Lying.

“I wish you were with the cannibals and it was dinner-time.”

Mark Twain, On the decay of the art of lying.


What is lying?

In general the lie is a false statement done by somebody[thing] or a group who knows the statement is not the whole truth…

compléter de la France tout en bénéficiant des baguettes, fromages, bières et vins.

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